TMF-21 Logo by Tom Reitter

TMF Virtual 2021: Our 25th Anniversary!

The 2021 Festival will be the 25th annual Tumbleweed - and, we've chosen a fitting Theme for this year: "Silver Linings." As always, the theme is the point of inspiration for the Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Contest, and serves as the unifying element for the Sunday "Theme" Concert.

Planning is well along for this year's festival. Given the current situation and uncertainty about the course of the pandemic over the next months, we've made the decision to be almost entirely virtual once again.

But due to the tremendous progress towards reopening through efforts to beat back the pandemic, we are very happy to announce that there will be a FREE, LIVE concert in Richland’s Howard Amon Park, on Saturday, August 21st, beginning at 7:30pm! This concert will feature the three Tumbleweed Festival headline acts, and will be recorded live to become the traditional Saturday Night concert in this year’s virtual festival.

Unlike past years, we are not having a Logo contest, because by glad circumstance, we already had one! Tom Reitter, our fabulous video editor, had originally come to us in the Before times with a desire to make a documentary about our run-up to this festival. As a part of his production process, Tom had already developed a logo for his film, but we've now co-opted it for our next-year's logo, as shown above!

Be sure to check our new TMFVirtual2021 page for more information!

And you can still view our 2020 Virtual Festival.

Revisit your favorite acts, or take in any you have not yet seen. Available HERE until August 2021!