3RFS is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1988, serving the folk community near the confluence of the Yakima, Snake and Columbia rivers in SE Washington state (map)

We present concerts, coffeehouses, contra dances, song circles, and the annual Tumbleweed Music Festival (In its 26th year in 2022.)

Shanghaied on the Willamette Michael Carlos Band Bram Brata
Performers at Tumbleweed Music Festivals

Coming Next in 2022:
(See Concert, Coffeehouse, Song Circle, or Tumbleweed pages for details)

  • June 10-11, 2022: Dan Maher Vinyl Collection Sale! (And 3RFS TMF Benefit Yard Sale)

    Well, the big event is over! And we can’t help but call it a very pleasant, even surprising success. Our second day wasn’t as busy as the first but was still excellent. Here’s how the financial aspects look:

     Friday Sales: $ 1,632

     Saturday Sales: $ 901

     Total Sales: $ 2,532

    In addition, we have a pending sale of $50 on the exercise bicycle, and another possible $50 for the remaining autoharp.

    The 20 boxes of records has been reduced to 12! Frankly, we are amazed we sold that many. We’ll be holding the remaining records, as well as the flutes and fifes, for future sale opportunities.

    We still have a fiberboard desk that will likely go to Goodwill or somewhere. Dan did not sell his guitar, but Dave Carson recorded a video for Instagram posting, so he’s optimistic that the guitar eventually will find a new home.

And then the 2022 Festival Itself!
September 2-4, 2022.

TMF22-Logo by Y.M. Cho
TMF-22 Logo by Ms. Y. M. Cho

Planning committee discussions around the theme all focused on the joy we’re going to have by being able to convene the Tumbleweed family live in Howard Amon park again. Our chosen theme of “Dear Friends” was considered by one and all to perfectly encapsulate this joy, and we give our great thanks to Anne Schur for suggesting it!

The deadline for the 2022 logo contest was February 15. The new logo has been selected and appears above.

PERFORMERS, SONGWRITERS, CRAFT and FOOD VENDORS! Applications for Tumbleweed 2022 have been/will be posted to The Festival Information Site, click the Applications Tab and make your selection from the menu.

And still available: The 2021 Tumbleweed Festival (a virtual festival) !
Over 100 performances, dozens of workshops, concerts, and a contra dance, Here!

The 2021 Festival was the 25th annual Tumbleweed - and we chose the theme "Silver Linings." As always, the theme is the point of inspiration for the Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Contest, and serves as the unifying element for the Sunday "Theme" Concert.

For 2021 we made the decision to be almost entirely virtual once again, although we did host a free LIVE concert in Richland’s Howard Amon Park on Saturday, August 21st. That concert featured the three Tumbleweed Festival headline acts, and was recorded live to be offered online as the traditional Saturday Night concert for the 2021 virtual festival.