Contra dance is a form of folk dancing made up of long lines of couples.

A contra dance event is a social dance that one can attend without a partner. The dancers form couples, and the couples form two long lines starting from the stage and going down the length of the dance hall. Throughout the course of a dance, couples progress up and down these lines.

The dance is led by a caller who teaches the sequence of figures in the dance before the music starts. Callers describe the series of steps called "figures", and in a single dance, a caller may include anywhere from six to twelve figures which are repeated as couples progress up and down the lines. Almost all contra dances are danced to live music.

Because the figures in a dance are taught and walked through before the music begins, it is great for beginners. Contra dances provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for a fun evening of dance! Please join us!

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Update (May 09, 2023)

As we wait for someone to step up to help coordinate contra dance for 3RFS, here are some dance opportunities in our area to pass along:

Saturday, May 13

Edna Mae Whitney and her dance band the Washboard Queens will be playing for a fun and free dance from 6-7:30pm at the LDS church at 1720 Thayer Dr. They have an excellent wooden gym floor for dancing! Sue Baker from Hood River is the caller. *************************************************************

Also on Saturday, May 13

Yakima is holding their monthly dance at the Broadway Grange, 909 W. Washington Ave Yakima, WA from 7:00 - 10:00pm. Music by Scatter Creek and Calling by Gary Miller. No cost for grange members, $10 suggested donation for all others. *************************************************************

Friday, May 19

Elizabeth and Holden continue to do a great job hosting family dances at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on 27th Avenue in Kennewick. To be added to their list, or for more information about their upcoming Spring Ball, send Elizabeth a message at Below is more info about their upcoming event:

On Friday, May 19, we will have our Spring Ball. The dress code is formal; for ladies please wear a formal full-length gown, for gentlemen please wear a dress shirt, tie, slacks, and a sport jacket or suit if you have one! Obviously the more formal the better - do not worry about over-dressing for this event. The Dance this evening will be from 6:30 PM- 9 PM.

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Yearning for other dance opportunities? Try any of the following

If traveling in the Northwest
The Dalles/Hood River
Walla Walla
La Grande
Vancouver, B.C.

Also, check Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated

If traveling far from home
Dwayne Johnson's Web site
(Click on the US map to locate dances anywhere)
The Dance Gypsy
(Info on dances and performers.
Also provides the Dance Gypsy Festival Planner
listing dance events throughout the US)