Links to Folk Music Sites (broadly interpreted) beyond the Northwest:

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) Created by former Tri-City resident and active 3RFS member Mark Horn, this site offers discussion and reviews of a multitude of recent folk CDs and tapes.

BMI Repertoire A 7.5 million-item database searched by songwriter or song title. Also includes a general information section with current events in the folk music world.

Folk Alliance The national umbrella organization for many folk societies, including 3RFS. This site has many links to other folk organizations, arts and cultural organizations, major festivals, music and dance camps, venues, folk performers, and more.

American Folklife Center A project of the Library of Congress. Includes recently digitized versions (RA and Wav formats) of folk recordings made over the past 110 years. Check out their Collections Available Online, that includes Native American (Omaha) songs from the 1890s, Northern California folk music from the 1930s (many ethnic groups), Hispanic music and culture from the northern Rio Grande, Nevada ranch culture 1940s-1980s, Southern folk recordings from 1939. Totally authentic non-commercial folk music. Enjoy! We did.

Cybergrass The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine. Includes lengthly artist profiles, many sound clips, lists of bluegrass magazines and organizations, and a multitude of other resources for bluegrass enthusiasts.

Ceolas Online Celtic music publication that includes artist profiles, sound clips, information about traditional Celtic instruments, lists of Celtic music magazines, historical background, and links to other Celtic music resources.

The Red Hot Jazz Archive A history of jazz before 1930, including Clarence Williams, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, ... They are all here, and many more. Enjoy!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. True, the focus is on rock. But the Hall has inducted many great “early influences,” including Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, Mahalia Jackson, Bill Monroe, ... See the complete list for short bios, a list of full biographies, essential recordings, et al.

Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance A large set of links to Web sites devoted to C/Z. Includes information on festivals, venues, and bands throughout the US and Europe. Adventurous? Try out the online C/Z dance instructions!

Northern Journey The Canadian online folk music magazine. Includes many articles on the folk music scene north of the border, info about clubs and folk venues, and links to Canadian artists’ Web sites.

Puro Mariachi Provides links to the colorful history of Mexican Mariachi music, books, news articles, individual artists and groups, fiestas.

Music of the Andes/Musica Andina A collection of Web sites devoted to the music of the Andean region of South America. Traditional instruments, words to traditional songs, individual artists and groups, Andean culture, history and politics, and even recipes.

KiwiFolk Everything you might want to know about the New Zealand folk music scene, including Kiwi artists, folk clubs and societies, upcoming festivals and, as a bonus, the most complete collection of banjo (and other instrument and vocalist) jokes we have seen.

Australian Bush Music and Dance See what an Australian small-town folk group has achieved: “The aim of the Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club, Inc., is to preserve, promote and perform Australia’s tradition and heritage of music, song, dance, poetry and yarnspinning. The club is involved in recording, publishing, arranging functions, folk festivals and also has a band and group of dancers.”

Pakistan Vision Offers sound clips of traditional, regional, classical, and modern Pakistani music in Real Audio format.

Swedish Traditional Music/Svensk folkmusik A concise discussion of traditional Swedish folk music forms and instruments, with sample tunes and links to other sites.

Traditional Music from Africa Our former long-time reference "The African Music Encyclopedia" seems to be no longer online. This article from Britannica is a worthy replacement for history and examples.

Sites devoted to specific folk instruments:

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