Planning committee discussions around the theme all focused on the joy we’re going to have by being able to convene the Tumbleweed family live in Howard Amon park again. Our chosen theme of “Dear Friends” was considered by one and all to perfectly encapsulate this joy, and we give our great thanks to Anne Schur for suggesting it!

Songwriters were invited to submit their entries. A preliminary screening was done by a committee who selected the top ten entries.

The finalists for 2022 (listed alphabetically) and their song titles, are:

The finalists performed their songs live at the Tumbleweed Festival at 4:15pm on Saturday, September 3rd, on the West stage. The winner performed their winning song on the North stage between the first and second headliner acts at the Tumbleweed Benefit Concert on Saturday evening.

As noted above, the winner was Eric Schaffer. Second place went to Kat Bula and third place to Steff Kayser.